About Us 

Our vision is to create a space where everyone feels welcomed, safe and cared for – a place for you to nourish your yin.

With many years experience in separate Brisbane clinics supporting fertility, women’s health and pregnancy clients, we (Sian and Danielle) are excited to come together to create a space that encompasses our shared values:

– excellence of care

we love all things fertility and women’s health. Much of our spare time is spent focused on professional development in this area.   We’re always researching and talking about the latest developments in IVF procedures, fertility supplements, chinese herbs, periods, sperm, cervical mucous, labour and birth….  honestly, we can be a bit much at parties!

– inclusivity

we love our many LGBTQIA+ clients, sole parents, surrogates, people that need donor sperm, eggs or embryos.  There are so many ways to create a family and we’re honoured to support you on your unique journey.

– compassion

we understand through our own experiences and through supporting hundreds of fertility focused clients, that the journey can be challenging and emotional.   Yin is a safe space to share the myriad of feelings that arise during the process and be 100% supported.  We’re with you.

– community

we love people and creating relationships, and this is another reason that we have come together as a team to co-found Yin.  Our vision is to create a team of like-minded people to support you. We are committed to having the best team and the best people that collectively come together to live and breathe these values in service of you.


So why the name “yin”?

We spent A LOT of time talking about what we wanted from our space…  the concepts that kept coming up were restful, nurturing, soft and calm.

We love that yin is an inclusive term.  We have struggled with identifying ourselves as a “women’s health clinic” as inclusivity is so important to us. We want everyone and anyone to feel welcomed at yin – the male partners, the female partners and our LGBTQIA+ clients.

The concept of yin allows this.  Traditionally described as the feminine energy within all of us, regardless of gender, yin also encompasses the concept of rest and nurture – something that is often desperately needed when trying to conceive.  So no matter who you are or how you identify, we welcome you to come to our space and nourish your yin.