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Amy Larsen – Specialist Grief Counsellor

  • BA of Social Work (Griffith University, 2010)
  • Master of Counselling (University of Queensland, 2015

Amy is a social worker and specialist grief counsellor who provides authentic conversations about life, loss and grief. Her approach is gentle and understanding, and conversations are without filter. She works collaboratively with clients to navigate the complexity of loss, and how to integrate loss into your life, allowing you to experience moments of calm and peace amidst your sorrow.

Working within the Coronial System for six years, Amy has supported many families who experienced the sudden, unexpected or traumatic death of a loved one. Prior to this, she worked in hospital settings in oncology, haematology, palliative care and paediatric bereavement. Her experience, both personally and professionally, with sudden death, loss and grief, and bereavement allows her to hold space with safety and reverence.

Amy is also passionate about working with parents, particularly supporting mothers who are navigating their journey to starting a family, early parenting challenges, the changes in identity that come with motherhood, pregnancy after loss and mothering through loss. Acknowledging the complex and life changing nature of parenting, she holds space for you to explore these issues authentically and without judgement.

Amy is currently taking new client referrals and is working Thursday’s at Yin Wellness Brisbane.

Contact and bookings via www.brisbanegriefcounselling.com.au

Grief counsellor in Brisbane speaking with client