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Lesley O’Connor – Naturopath

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
Certified Holistic Doula
Lecturer at Endeavour College of Natural Health
Member of Naturopath and Herbalists Association Australia (NHAA)

Herbal medicine has always been a part of Lesley’s life and in her mid 20’s that Lesley felt compelled to become a Naturopath.  Lesley always knew she wanted to help people with their reproductive health and when she moved to Canada in the following years, this passion really came to life.

Here Lesley worked as a clinical herbalist (in Vancouver) helping people with their hormonal and intimate health, fertility, and postpartum health. This is what lead Lesley to study to be a holistic Doula before returning to Brisbane to open her own practice Birth and Botanicals.

After focusing on online consultations through the pandemic, Lesley has returned to in-person consulting as a Fertility Naturopath with the team at Yin Wellness Brisbane (Woolloongabba). Here Lesley helps people with preconception care, IVF support, cycle charting, fertility nutrition, correcting nutrient deficiencies, optimising sperm and egg quality, stress reduction support, help to reduce environmental toxins, pathology analysis, and investigating unexplained fertility.

In addition to this, Lesley also compounds herbal teas, suppositories, pessaries, and creams.  All of which can be handy tools when addressing contributing factors to our hormonal and reproductive health.  Lesley also enjoys assessing your everyday pathology results,  These give her a deeper understanding of how your body is working and how she can support your general health which plays a massive role in fertility.

Lesley loves to learn through continuing her education and expanding her knowledge on evidence-based protocols for natural fertility, IVF support, pregnancy nutrition, and postpartum care.  Lesley also lectures at Endeavour College of Natural Health and plans to study a Masters of Reproductive Medicine next year in 2023.

You can book a consultation with Lesley HERE or learn more about her HERE.

Lesley O'Connor carrying out acupuncture procedure on woman trying to fall pregnant