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Susan Sipple – Senior Acupuncturist

Doctor of Acupuncture (BHSc.Acu)
National Registration with Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA)
Member of Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA)

Susan is passionate about fertility and pregnancy health.  She has a gentle style of treatment and loves to help people to reach their health and wellbeing goals.  In addition to pregnancy and fertility support, Susan is also takes a special interest in thyroid and hormonal disorders, premenstrual symptoms, endometriosis, menopause and teen health and emotional wellbeing. Susan discovered a reflexology book in her early teens which was when her own passion for studying was sparked. 

Susan utilised acupuncture to manage menstrual issues throughout puberty and then throughout the pregnancies of both her children (now adults).  It was the challenges Susan saw in her daughter and son through puberty that confirmed her passion for acupuncture to support emotional, mental and hormonal health in teens.  She has also found regular acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs pivotal in managing her own thyroid disorder journey.

Susan is continually developing her fertility knowledge with regular studies and training to enable her to incorporate comprehensive and tailored treatments using the latest evidence based treatment protocols for natural fertility, pregnancy and IVF.  Specifically, Susan is trained in the “Fertile Life” method, giving her an exceptional depth of understanding of Fertility support for both Natural and Assisted Reproductive methods.

Like all Yin acupuncturists, Susan combines acupuncture treatments with herbal medicine, cupping, supplements, lifestyle and dietary advice. She utilises a well known navel cupping technique that is particularly effective for menstrual conditions and so much more. She has graciously trained all of our acupuncturists in this effective treatment, so now we can all share it with you too.

All of our Yin acupuncturists have been trained in the same style of acupuncture and work collaboratively as a team.  So, if you ever need or want to change practitioner, we can assure you that you’ll receive a very similar style of treatment.


Susan Sipple standing in front of Brisbane fertility acupuncture clinic